COVID AND BREXIT - The Issues Continue....

Certain lead times are becoming longer than our usual stated lead times on our listings as follows:

The reasons are simple enough, during 2020 and into 2021 petrol heads could not get down the pub or go on holiday or race their cars so they set about improving them. Demand for Gaz Shocks coilover kits and replacement dampers has doubled! Unfortunately the Covid pandemic resulted in the Gaz Shocks factory closing for some time during the first lockdown and since then, with illness and furlough, they have experienced staff shortages.

And don’t forget, Gaz Shocks coilover kits are HAND BUILT, by craftsmen and craftswomen, tailored to your cars specification and use. They have always taken a little time to build.

Clearly when demand doubles unexpectedly (I think we all thought the UK was going to be very quiet in terms of any retail sales), materials and component parts are not available in the quantities you now need. But how do you know what to make or order if your forecasted demand are nothing like your actual, increased demand? Simple, you don’t, you can only guess!

So….. more kits to build with less people to build them and not enough parts and materials – bit of a nightmare!

Fast forward to January 2020 and Brexit was forced upon UK manufacturers. The nightmare just gets worse!

Early 2020 and for several months, the UK ports and airports were overcome – more goods coming as manufacturers tried to bulk order to preserve stock of materials, more paperwork for Customs to process. To say the first few months went badly is an understatement! Materials due to UK ports being diverted to Belgium then taking 2 weeks in customs sorting out forms only to be loaded onto lorries and driven to the UK seemed to be a very normal and accepted practice however ludicrous it was!

And of course, as a sad result of Brexit, there are now quite a few countries that cannot or will not export parts and materials to the UK, so those have had to be replaced and the enquiry, make sample, approve samples, place order process takes time!

Gaz Shocks also use outside companies for various processes and component builds that they cannot do themselves and all of the points raised above affect those companies to!

So right now (07/07/21) Gaz Shocks are confident that they have the correct materials and sub-assembly supplier solutions covered (albeit with the delays in customs and transit which seem to be the new normal) but are left with a back log of orders that need to be built and new orders are being delayed as a result of the back log. Obviously, any factory has a finite build capacity so the delays are likely to continue until the world gets back to normal and the demand for Gaz Shocks products becomes more “normal” and the guys and girls in production have caught up.

So…things are challenging at the moment!

If you need a suspension kit tomorrow, we cannot help you.

If you need a hand built custom suspension kit tailored to your use and cars specification and are prepared to wait a few weeks until the kit can be built, we can and will be able to help.

If you do order and subsequently decide to phone or email us or jump on Facebook to tell us and the world that you don’t understand what the delay and that we are all rubbish at what we do, you are definitely not on the right website or talking to the right people.


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