Custom Built - Gaz GHA Coilover Kits

The Gaz GHA coilover range is aimed at the fast road and trackday market. They are of course, height and damping adjustable but it is equally, if not more important to have the right basic setup built initially. That is where Track Dynamics comes in. We custom build every Gaz coilover kit to your cars specification and use. We can build a set up for fast road, show stanced, focused track day use, engine swaps and more. As with the Gaz Gold kits below, we can customise spring rates, damper valving and ride height rage to suit your needs. Certain limitations apply with the GHA fast road range in terms of spring rates that do not apply to the Gaz Gold kits which are fully customisable and accept the side loadings of sticky track day and motorsport tyres.

Custom Built - Gaz GOLD Motorsport Coilover Kits

Free custom build of Gaz Gold kits consists of specifying spring rates, damper valving and ride height rage to suit your car specification and use. We believe there is no such thing as an off the shelf race car, so we don’t supply off the shelf Gaz Gold coilover suspension kits. In our experience, even in a one make race series, race cars are all built slightly different with each builders interpretation of the formulas rules differing form another.

Every race car driver we ever met drives the car in a different way to the rest of the grid and prefers a set up suited to them. Some drivers like the safety of understeer whist others find oversteer the fastest way around a track for them. Even the type of racing and the track surface has a significant bearing on the ideal suspension set up. Tarmac race and drift cars tend to be lower and stiffer than their tarmac rally counterparts as the surfaces are often quite different with tarmac rallies often run on rougher roads. Gravel rally cars tend to run still higher ride heights with much softer spring rates to compensate for the surface these cars run on. In drag racing the focus is on traction, moving the weight over the driven wheels on launch to maximise speed away from the line. The cars drive configuration also plays a huge part in specifying the correct set up.

In a front wheel drive race car ideally you want to reduce understeer, in a rear wheel drive car you may want to reduce some oversteer. In either case you may wish to build a car that has a more neutral balance with more predicable handling so you can drive the car at the limit of grip and achieve faster lap times and make the car more stable under hard braking to pull off those heroic late brake overtakes. Having the right basic setup of your cars suspension with the ability to fine tune the ride height and damping front to rear ratios is key to setting faster laps or winning more races.

Every Gaz Gold coilover suspension system we supply is tailored to our customers needs in terms of spring rates, damper valving and ride height range. When you buy a kit from Track Dynamics we will go through with you the questions that our competitors don’t ask, probably because it take a little bit of time and an in depth understanding of the different car models the Gaz Gold range covers to fully comprehend the benefit of the different setups that are possible for your car.

We will ask you what the car is used for such as tarmac race, rally, drift, drag, sprinting, hill climbing, gravel rally etc. We will discuss the changes made to the car that affect the parameters we work within, usually modifications and changes that change the weight of the car such as engine swaps, interior removal, roll cage fitment, metal parts replaced by fiberglass or carbon fibre. We will also ask you what tyres you run be they road, semi slick track day tyres or full slicks. And we will talk about how you want the car to handle to suit your driving style. The more information you can give us the better, if you know your cars corner weights, tell us and we can factor those in.

In this way we are able to build up a picture of the car in terms of front to rear weight and lever ratios and how the car will transfer its weight during acceleration, braking and cornering and how this will affect tyre grip. With this information we can specify the ideal spring rates, damper valving and ride height range for your cars use, build specification and your driving style. And the cost for this important service that so many of our competitors overlook. Nothing. We would rather do a good job of understanding your car and your needs so you can go out and do a good job of spanking your own competitors on the race track with a Gaz Gold coilover suspension kit that was built to do that one job!