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These kits are aimed at the fast road and track day market for cars using road tyres where an increase in body roll control, grip, traction and suspension adjustability is required but where the car is mainly driven on the road, comfort is also a consideration.

If you are building a race car or using semi slick track day tyres on your road car for track days, you will need our Gaz Gold coilover kit as these GHA kits are not built to withstand the high side loadings exhibited by sticky tyres or race stiff spring rates an can lead to premature damper bearing failure.

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Complete Bolt In Kit Supplied

Please refer to the Kit Configuration section at the top of each listing to understand how your specific kit is built but generally all GHA coilover kits come with 4 dampers fitted with 4 springs and a height adjustment tool.

Shortened Damper Bodies

The shortened dampers bodies and piston stroke lengths generally allow a recommended lowering range of 25mm to 65mm ride height lowering. Please note these kits can obtain much lower ride heights for show purposes only but the vehicle should not be driven at these levels as the steering and drive shaft joints can lock out.

Race Coil Springs

2.25 Inch diameter race coil springs are used which can be supplied in various lengths and spring rates as described in the product listings.

Bolts to Original Suspension Mounts

Unless otherwise stated in specific kit listings, these kits simply bolt up to your existing suspension mounting points which means that fitting the kit is simplicity itself!

On Car Ride Height and Damping Adjustable

There is no need to remove the unit from the car to adjust ride height or damping, you can quickly alter the settings to dial the car into your driving style. The ride height adjustments system uses a course acme thread for ease of adjustment and the damper adjuster knob is on the top of the damper at the front and on the side of the damper at the rear.

Simultaneous Rebound Adjustment

On Gaz GHA Coilover Suspension Kits a single control knob on the damper adjusts rebound damping (compression damping is set at the factory and matched to the rebound damping during the build).

Anti Corrosion Finish

The outer tube is steel with a zinc coating and all outer alloy components are black anodised to provide the best anti corrosive finish possible.

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