Gaz Gold Coilover Suspension

Gaz Gold coilover kits are the flagship range of motorsport suspension kits from Gaz Shocks Ltd. Designed and built in the UK these coilover suspension kits are built with large capacity dampers and race specification coilover springs to reduce body roll and increase mechanical grip of track day and motorsport cars.


The Gaz Gold kits we supply are always tailored to our customers needs hence we can supply these kits individually built for our customers competing in for a wide range of disciplines from fast road and serious track day use, to competitive sprinting, drifting, drag, circuit racing and gravel rallying.


The height and damping adjustability of these Gaz Gold kits allows you to dial your car into any given track and to change the handling characteristics, reducing excess understeer or oversteer to achieve a more neutrally, faster cornering car that suits your driving style and the tracks you race on.


If your car can corner faster and more predictably, it will exit the corner faster, be faster on the straights and you will have greater confidence for those daring overtakes! Check out the Gaz Gold coilover range below.