Gaz GOLD PRO Coilovers - Review Features

Gaz Gold Pro On Lotus Exige

The Gaz Gold Pro coilover kits are built exclusively for Lotus Elise and Exige, Mazda MX5 Mk1 and Mk2, modern TVR models and the Vauxhall VX220. The kits can be built for fast road, trackday or race use. The damper are built to be light and strong and feature fast flow valves for a significant improvement in damping performance compared to the OE units meaning improved grip and traction!

Complete Bolt In Kit Supplied

The kits feature coilover units at all four corners of the car and come complete with a height adjustment tool.

Damper Body Length

The cars that the Gaz Gold Pro coilovers fit are generally very low sports cars so the lowering range is smaller than for other cars (with the exception of the Mazda MX5 which will achieve a lowering range of -20mm to -65mm). Our default kits will lower the car -20mm to -40mm although they can be ordered for OE ride height lowering with a 40mm lowering range.

Race Coil Springs

2.25 Inch diameter race coil springs are used which can be supplied in various lengths and spring rates as described in product listings.

Bolts to Original Suspension Mounts

Unless otherwise stated in specific kit listings, these kits simply bolt up to your existing suspension mounting points which means that fitting the kit is simplicity itself!

On Car Ride Height and Damping Adjustable

There is no need to remove the unit from the car to adjust ride height or damping, you can quickly alter the settings to dial the car into your driving style. The ride height adjustments system uses a course acme thread for ease of adjustment and the damper adjuster knob is on the top of the damper at the front and on the side of the damper at the rear.

Simultaneous Rebound and Compression Adjustment

On Gaz Gold Pro coilover kits a single control knob on the side of each damper adjusts rebound and compression damping simultaneously. This simple adjustment method allows you again to quickly alter the settings to dial the car into any given track, weather conditions or driving style. The idea here is that you will be driving the car more than playing with the settings!

Lightweight to Reduce Weight

The Gaz Gold Pro Coilover kit range is made from high tensile alloy. This has the benefit of being light in weight whilst retaining a huge strength to accommodate the bumpiest of tracks and harsh motorsport use. The Gaz Gold Pro kits are lighter than the OE suspension they replace!

Hardened Piston Rods

Gaz Gold Pro dampers use induction hardened piston rod that are hard chrome plated for the additional strength and durability required in motorsport conditions.

Multi Lip Sealing

The Gaz Gold Pro dampers units are fitted with multi lip seals for extra reliability and leak resistance. The outer seal is also a metal encased wiper to clean the piston rod. This in turn extends main seal performance and oil retention under extreme conditions.

Gas Charged Dampers

The damper units in the Gaz Gold Pro range are fitted with a gas cell in the outer reservoir and filled with a high viscosity index multi grade oil. By pressurizing the oil with the gas cavitation and oil frothing is prevented which reduces damper fade for a more consistent damper in motor racing conditions.

Anti Corrosion Finish

The outer tube is steel with a zinc coating and all outer alloy components are anodised to provide the best anti corrosive finish possible.

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