We have a legal duty to supply the Goods in conformity with the Contract and will not have conformed if it does not meet the following obligation.

Upon delivery, the Goods will:

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Gaz Shocks Warranty

Your Gaz Shocks purchase is covered by a two-year warranty, effective from the date that the shock was purchased.

The warranty is for the product to be free of manufacturing faults only. Wear and tear items are not covered under the warranty.

The warranty will not be valid if there is evidence of incorrect installation or signs that the unit has been tampered with, or if the shock has been used for competition purposes or has been used in a manor outside of its described specification or purpose.

The Company (Gaz Shocks) will, at its discretion, repair or replace shocks which are part of a valid claim. No faulty unit which is part of a valid claim will be refunded.